Does NMN have any known side effects?

The first human safety trial of NMN in humans was published in 2019 and showed that a single dose of up to 500mg was tolerable.

NMN has been proven safe in high dosages up to 1.2g a day in human clinical studies. Furthermore, multiple health benefits have been demonstrated in humans as well. A study in prediabetic, postmenopausal, obese or overweight women showed that after 10 weeks of NMN supplementation, the volunteers had increased insulin sensitivity. Same study showed that NMN supplementation was able to stimulate the collagen production pathway, suggesting the compound's role in healthy aging (and appearance of skin).

A study in elderly men over 65 showed that NMN supplementation protects against age-related muscle loss. Another study in healthy, adult volunteers of both sexes confirmed that NMN increases endurance, cardiovascular fitness and aerobic capacity in amateur runners. 

Why should I take NMN before breakfast?

It increases absorption.

How much NMN should I take?

If you're younger than 35, you can start with 250mg/day and after 1-2weeks increase to 500mg to see what feels better.If you're older than 35, start with 500mg/day, then increase to 1g to see what feels better.

Should I take one capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon?

No. Take your NMN in the morning to synchronize your NMN consumption with your Circardian rhythms.

Should I break down the capsule for better absorption?

Dr David Sinclair and our founder Dr Elena Seranova don't bother and just take the capsule. There are actually no studies showing that sublingual powder or powder intake results in better absorption than the capsule.